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• Infidelity
• Broken trust
• The threat of divorce
• An obstinate spouse
• Emotional Neglect
• Money conflicts
• Addictive Behaviors
• Separation
• Emotional infidelity
• Boredom
• Poor Communication
• Zero Intimacy 
• Lack of Appreciation
• No Affection


If you answered yes to any or all these questions, then you are in the RIGHT place. If you are successful in most areas of your life but struggle in your relationship. It’s time to step up and take action now. You can take charge of your life and create the lasting relationship you deserve.

• How to stop your divorce
• How to avoid a separation
• How to deal with “I’m not in love with you.”
• How to reconnect with your spouse
• How to get your spouse to change
• How to ruin their affair
• How to get over the past
• How to rebuild broken trust
• How to forgive and be forgiven
… then wait no more.

 If you been wondering…

Your Complimentary Private & Confidential Possibility Call With Sindy V. King – A Safe Space To Connect About Things Even Your Partner Might Not Know About

If you’re successful and stuck in your love life, or you have this persistent knowing that even though you’re doing well with your romantic partner, you could do a lot better, request your compilatory call now.

Over 80% of people that go to marriage counseling report that they’re worse off or divorced less than a year later

Do you want to see your finance and business SUFFER through your separation or divorce?

Imagine spending all that time and money in marriage counseling trying to solve your problems and learning communication techniques only to find that nothing worked and that at best you’re in the same place as when you started.
Just imagine you could be spend thousand dollars on legal fees in going through a divorce.

Coaches are committed your personal success and helping you to live a clearer, happier life with a deeper understanding of relationships and partner. Executives and high achievers have coaches to ensure their success, why should the most important aspect of your life, relationship and love, be any different?


Relationship Advice On Demand

Maybe you have burning questions that can’t wait 2 weeks or a month from now and you’re totally stuck in a situation that could win love or loss it. Getting a private call will create a new perspective, give you better strategies and remove the endless cycle from love.

It’s also about being able to “re-write” your love story so you can find lasting love.

Bring your question that is causing you heartache.

Give yourself permission to be vulnerable.

And be ready to take your love life into the journey that you dream of.

I’m Sindy King, the go-to Dating and Relationship Coach for High-Achievers. For the past decade, I’ve helped successful, career-driven men and women manifest their ideal love lives and rekindle romance.

With a diverse background in neuroplasticity research, divorce mediation, and the ancient teachings of Vedic astrology, that merges both science and the spiritual, I bring a unique perspective to finding and staying in love. I’ve walked my own difficult journey of love lost and found, and it’s my greatest passion to help others find deep, lasting fulfillment.

Traditional dating coaches will rehash your past and then tell you to rewrite your online dating profile, but my coaching focuses on deep, authentic transformation. I’m all about helping my clients move forward, create authentic change, and embrace the possibilities in their future.


Ready For Love that LASTS A LIFETIME?

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