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I'm Sindy V. King, the go-to Dating and Relationship Coach for High-Achievers and I am confident that I can help you because frankly --- I was you!

In addition to my diverse background in neuroscience research, divorce mediation, and the ancient teachings of Vedic astrology, I’ve walked my own difficult journey of love lost and found. And I know how frustrating it can be!


Truth be

Anyone Would 

Be Lucky To

 Have You.

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    You’re talented.
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  • You KNOW you have a lot to offer.

So why does finding love seem so out of reach?

​Why does everyone you like turn out to be either unavailable or bad for you?

I know what it's like:

•Going through the never-ending cycle of date after date after date

•Thinking you’ve found someone great, only to find out that they are… not quite that great

•Doubting yourself and wondering if love is for you

•Over-analyzing everything

•And getting overwhelmed with ​the feeling be lost in love.

But Sindy can help

Listen, I know that relationship is challenging.

But by focusing on deep, authentic transformation, I can help you overcome the challenges associated with connecting to your true, life partner.

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