Sindy King

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The Five Secrets of Lasting Love 
How to Call in A King

In this masterclass you'll discovery:


The biggest mistake smart, successful women are making when it comes to success in love.


How to deeply connect to man's heart in a way no other woman has that makes him see you as the love of his heart


What makes men actually want to commit (even if they have pulled away in the past)


How my clients become just as successful in love as in their career...even if every relationship has ended in horrible or a messy break-up.


AND...the secret to communicating with a man in ways he'll crave, so that you feel cherished, desired, and adored.


Hi! I'm Sindy V. King

The go-to Relationship Coach for High-Achievers.

For the past decade, I’ve helped successful, career-driven men and women manifest their ideal love lives and rekindle romance.

With a diverse background in neuroplasticity research, divorce mediation, and the ancient teachings of Vedic astrology, I bring a unique perspective to finding and staying in love. I’ve walked my own difficult journey of love lost and found, and it’s my greatest passion to help others find deep, lasting fulfilment.

My clients say that I deliver “no B.S.,” “non-P.C.,” “straight-up sexy love advice.”
I say: Who's ready to find lasting love?