Pick the letter, a, b, or c, that most reflects the way you would behave in the situation

You answers are evaluated at the end of the question section

Welcome to your MIN QUIZ TIME

Q1. You enjoy living alone because
Q3. You enjoy working more than playing because
Q2. You and your fiancé are buying a house. You have more money to invest than he does. What do you do?
Q4. Your partner likes to do sport, and you don't. What do you do?
Q5. You like to masturbate, but your partner feels insulted. What do you do?
Q6. You and your partner are saving for a summer vacation, and they wants to control your money. What do you do?
Q7. You car has broken down. What do you do?
Q8. You are in relationship with an up-and-coming promotion and want to develop your own career, but your partner wants you to marry them and raise the kids. What do you do?
Q9. You have a partner who is more powerful and successful than you are. What do you do?
Q10. You have a fight with your gentle, feminine (energy) partner, who then has a problem with impotence. What do you do?
Q11. You are engaged and in a dual-career relationship, but your live in partner expects you to do most of the housework, as their mom did. What do you do?
Q12. Your partner earns twice as much as you do but expects you to share 50/50 on dates. What do you do?
Q13. You have a partner, and you travel a great deal for your work. What do you do?
Q14. Your partner has been passed over for a promotion at his company. You have been invited to a company social event. What do you do?
Q15. Both you and your partner work long hours during the week and have little time for sex. What do you do?

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