The Secrets of Being

A Feminine Queen

So You Can Attract And Keep A

High Quality Man Who Cherishes You

Dear Successful Single Woman...

You’re beautiful, ambitious, intelligent, and have an exciting life that you love. You’re rocking your career, you are a great friend, you have fun hobbies, you go on great vacations, but one thing in your life has missed the mark – you can’t seem to succeed love.

Are you tired of being successfully single?

If being single was a JOB, you have no problem performing at a high level.

And when you do make a decision to start dating, do you find that you initiate most of the plans and then all of sudden, he seems uninterested or just ghosts you?

Do you find yourself dating men you aren't really attracted to and scaring off the ones that you are actually attracted to?

Are you settling for “friends with benefits” or casual dating when what you really and deeply want is a partner who is your perfect match, who can meet you at the SAME level?

And when you do finally get into a relationship, do you find that it starts out hot and heavy and over time it fizzles out, so you end up being a serial monogamist, going from one unsatisfying relationship to another?

And sometimes, you feel a HUGE, powerful bond with a man and you're certain he’s the one SUPPOSED to be with but he’s a big jerk, so you have no choice but to tolerate his poor behavior stay longer than you need to.

Or worse, you feel that someone you once loved in your past was THE ONE and you BLEW IT - and lost out on what was your destiny...

Deep down, do you feel CURSED in love?

Like "the Universe" or "God" has a plan for you that… well, SUCKS? And that, because it's THE PLAN, you have no choice but to accept it?

Maybe you believe, deep down, that you're "meant" to be alone forever...and that love comes for everyone else but you.

Are you tired to bitching, moaning and complaining to your girlfriends about the string of horrible dates you’ve been on?

Or you maybe you feel like you’re “blocked” and not ready to receive love from Mr. Right.

Do you see other people holding hands, travelling together, getting married, having babies and you feel frustrated and perplexed: Why can’t I have that? I am beautiful, talented, successful, funny, kind, … I’m an amazing catch! What’s wrong with me?

Do you absolutely dread receiving yet another wedding or baby shower invitation? You put on a happy face yet deep down you’re wondering when it’s your turn.

Do you worry that you’ll never find Mr. Right and having lasting love?

After a series of dating nightmares and failed relationships, do you secretly believe that you’re broken, unlovable or unworthy of love?

If you're still single and almost ready t give up on love, then get ready to discover what's keeping you from finding and keeping him... and what you need  to do to finally succeed in love.

If you're single and don't want to be, you're probably tired of trying to "figure out" why you're still single.

Is it because:

“I’m too old.”

“I’m too fat.”

“I’m stuck.”

“I’m too nice.”

“I’m too successful.”

The list goes on.

It has to be because you're "TOO" SOMETHING, doesn't it?

I know what it’s like to feel that NO ONE understands how demoralizing it is to keep your chin up after so many horrible dates …

or how awful it feels to keep repeating heart-wrenching relationships that goes nowhere …

or getting hurt over and over because you fell in love with the wrong guy …

or you feel that you’re going CRAZY seeing yourself waste years and years on a guy who will never commit to you.

You're a great catch. You deserve a great love life.

But men don't pursue you like they did in the past.

In fact, you sometimes wonder if there are any decent, available men out there.

And you feel that being single is something you can fix later or wait for him to appear, ONE DAY.

BUT sadly, sometimes ONE DAY is too late.

It’s time to be who you were created to be.

It’s time to believe that you actually deserve the love you desire, but here’s the BIG SECRET to LASTING LOVE…

It starts with loving yourself first.

You have to love yourself to love another.

With the right guidance, your journey can become more joyful and inspiring, helping you to magnetize love in your life…

… and that you can have lasting love with a man who can match you and meet you at every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I’m talking about a partner who can match you and meet you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The relationship gets better and better over time.

Take control of your love life and become a desirable woman, a Queen who calls in a high-quality man, her King and create an unforgettable lasting love story together!

A True Queen...

You want to become the woman that turn heads everywhere you go, that embodies the alluring feminine power deep within you, and unlock the treasure you hold within that every man will crave.

You walk into the room … slowly, sensually … making a cat-like grand entrance. You are full of confidence and you have a seductive glow about you that just draws men in. You don’t have to do anything other than just being you. There are no games anymore. You attract the man you are interested in effortlessly with just eye contact and a smile. He comes over and approaches you.

You are beaming because you’re thinking just how wonderfully easy this feels. You never would have felt like this before ... you would have been in your head, overthinking, worrying, feeling not good enough, and less than, and basically self-sabotaging the whole encounter.

But not this time. This time you know that you have worth. You know that you are more valuable than the most precious jewels. You move, talk, and live from a place of deep knowing within your soul that true love exists, and will find you, and you are worthy of love and adoration.

You find a mature relationship with a strong man who is also tired of the games and immature relationships. He is ready for a conscious relationship that will be a heart, mind, body, and soul experience. He is ready to take the lead and you will gladly let him. You are both living from you truth and authenticity. He is living from his true masculine nature and you are living from your true feminine nature.

Don’t you wish that story was your story?

Aren’t you tired of missing out in the love department?

Don’t you want to surrender your heart so you can form a relationship with a man who allows you to open your heart to love?

Don’t you want to feel how it feels to be with a man who wholeheartedly loves you and awakens the feminine woman inside of you?


Like you, for almost a decade in my 20’s, I spent years being successfully single or brokenhearted.

I had a great career that I loved, good friends to spend time with, and plenty of hobbies and interests that kept me busy. But I’ll never forget the overwhelming loneliness coming up on an empty apartment night after night. There was nobody there – no one to eat with, laugh with, cry with and create memories with.

To avoid this awful feeling of aching sensation on my chest and belly, I started working late hours. The more lonely I felt, the more I worked. I found myself either successfully single or successfully broken-hearted.

It seemed that love eluded me. One day, I hit rock bottom in my relationship with a man I was dating and deeply in love with. I thought he was “The One”, until the day I discovered he was seeing another woman. I was devastated. I decided that enough was enough.

I believe someone must be watching out for me because after this experience I met America’s #1 Relationship Expert and was fortunate to be mentored by her. During this time, I learned how to love myself, how to let go of relationships that are no longer working. Today I am in a loving, supportive relationship with my partner and best friend. 

What I discovered is that love is aligned at all levels, and I want you to settle for nothing less.

Today I am in a loving, supportive relationship with my partner and best friend.

What I discovered is that love is aligned at all levels, and I want you to settle for nothing less.


“Calling in My King” is my 12-month signature program that will equip you with the tools to love yourself, and draw the right man effortlessly to you.

Your new relationship will start moving in the direction you want, faster than you can imagine.

You’ll have complete control over your relationship and how you show up in it.

And the quality of love you receive and you will do all of this without having to give up your career or you dignity and without being labelled “too masculine”.

Do you live from your head, and not your heart? Are you not allowing the right man to come into your life because you’re just looking for him to meet all the requirements on your checklist?

Well, love demands that you learn to let go. Love isn’t something that can be checked off a list.

Love comes quickly and will surprise you, but you first have to learn to love yourself and live from your feminine heart and soul. When you let your heart lead you - love will come to stay

In ‘Calling In Your King’ you’ll take a transformational journey and discover:

  • How to get clear on what you want and don’t want in a man and in a relationship
  • How to find a man who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated
  • How to gain that alluring inner glow so that your confidence soars and you know men everywhere crave you
  • How to maintain the honeymoon stage, as you learn to deal with flaws and imperfections
  • How to keep the attraction alive and going strong once you have your man
  • How to get to commitment and marriage and learn how to keep and maintain it once you do
  • You will learn how to be a better partner and communicator
  • If you want to find and keep the man of your dreams and finally learn to be free and love yourself fully, then Calling in My King is the program you.

You will discover how to be that irresistible woman that he can’t keep his eyes off of, his hands off of, and his mind off of. You will make him crave you and desire you and want to commit to you.

When you join “Calling In Your King”,

you will receive an annual access to my members-only website that gives you private access to weekly videos, a secret Facebook group, access to monthly Q&A videos, and an interactive platform in which you can ask me questions and get feedback, plus bonuses such as an online dating profile workbook and more.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Through how I related to others, particularly romantic partners, Sindy catalyzed a new and profoundly transformative self-understanding within me that permeated all aspects of my life. This provided a sense of grounding within myself, which led to a deep opening that allowed in the love that my heart was desiring. Cindy's empathetic yet direct approach, and wealth of wisdom provide the guideposts to empower my next level self.”

This program will take you through a transformational journey where we will cocoon into deep change and healing where you will finally emerge as a beautiful, transformed butterfly who knows her worth and her value who effortlessly attracts her King.

ou will become alluring, enchanting, engaging, and sure of yourself. You will be full of confidence when you are communicating with men, whether it be in person, on the phone, or via text or instant messages.

This self-paced experience will give you the next videos as you complete them and hold you accountable as you go on your journey to love with me.

When you successfully take the step-by-step program, Calling in My King, you will:

  • Learn to receive  and allow the man to give to you, adore and cherish you as he was created
  • Be patient, passive and vulnerable to all of the qualities that draw him to you and his masculine heart
  • Believe that once you find love that it will actually stay ... forever
  • Gain secure sense unshakable confidence, and you will know your worth, your feminine power, and increase your self-esteem
  • Have a healthy, lifelong relationship with a man you adore and who also adores you
  • Never feat that a man will leave you again

Months 1 through 3


This module brings clarity to what you want in a man and in a relationship. We will dive deep and put pen to paper to discover exactly what you want and need. You will learn how to “show up” for yourself and in the world in your true feminine way that draws your ideal man to you.

Video Topics Include:

  • Knowing your value: knowing your standards
  • Getting clear on what you want and don't want
  • How to meet men online or in real life
STEP 3 - KEEP LOVE GOING (Relationship Skills)

Months 3 through 6


If you have ever over-reacted in a situation, and found yourself asking later “why did I react like that?”, this step will unpack the process for you. It is designed to bring awareness to the unconscious processes in the brain that are driving all of our emotional reactions to stress. Gaining a deeper awareness of these processes will empower you to take control of the process so that you can respond, rather than react. A lot of people struggle after 3 months their shadow side shows up. When the honeymoon period is over, you come back to reality and conflicts arise. Learn how to communicate what you want from a space of self-worth and value.

Video Topics Include:

  • Learn how to work through the differences to create depth and commitment
  • How to ask for what you want and share your truth
  • How to fight fair without breaking up
  • How to negotiate sensitive topics such as time, sex and money
  • How to respond when your man pulls away or needs space

Month 2


This module builds on the foundation of self-love and from that place, you will confidently go and begin the exciting journey of meeting potential matches in a way that is simple, easy and fun! Sit back and let the man do the woo-ing while you get to shine in your feminine essence.

Video Topics Include:

  • Speaking feminine and not only looking feminine
  • Get him ask you on date and what to do when he asks you on a date
  • Learn how to message in text so you can be more desirable
STEP 4 - MAKE LOVE LAST (Commitment)

Months 7 through 12


You will learn how to have the conversation about bringing the relationship to the next level and training your body, heart, and mind to value yourself and have fun. This is important part of the relationship is leading up to marriage and commit to you. So you can move in together and start building a life of marriage. Discover how to hint to him that he could take the next level with you in 8 months of dating and start planning your dream wedding and build a family. Learn how identifying your emotional patterns can help you build a better relationship.

Video Topics Include:

  • How to get marriage to your king
  • What to do to keep the passion alive
  • The Ultimate Guide for Couples Moving in Together
  • Understand his man brain that drives you crazy
  • How To Stay Married For A Lifetime
  • How to stay happy in long term relationship
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“Real scientific information about the male/female biology has helped me to better understand the masculine/feminine dynamic not only in love relationships but also business relationships as well. As I am an ambitious, driven and independent woman, I spend a lot of time in my masculine. Sindy was able to guide me in relaxing into my feminine in order have more fun and enjoy the dating process. I also learned how to communicate from a feminine approach which results in more authentic confidence while dating.”


You will get to the place where the man is the leader a.k.a. The Driver and the woman is the Co-Pilot because this is the place where our true feminine self can emerge and we can be truly authentic in our relationship.

Why? Because when you need a man, you can’t be the man in the relationship. You need to live from your feminine.

Ladies, we have to learn to let the man lead us, and receive the love and support he offers us.

There has to be a balance in true, lasting, lifelong love. There is a balance of the yin and yang qualities. The things that make men and women different are the things that draw us to each other and connect us.

Here's What You Get Access To:

1. One Video A Week – I give you the hot sauce secret of getting you from being single and live happily ever after.

2. Q & A Call – I will be sharing insights and strategy on relevant topics where you can get your questions answered live.

3. Inner Love Circle – Connect with other like-minded women around the globe on private FB group, who are love-seekers, and an online community site where you can connect with others on the path 24/7

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Sindy King is a masterful relationship coach in every sense. I've experienced her expertise areas in my own life & felt she has an extraordinary and uncanny response or perfect answer to just about any relationship issue. If you have tried everything and given up, you will not be disappointed working her.”




  • Weekly Videos
  • Private facebook group
  • Q&A
  • Magnetism Messaging ebook
  • Open Heart ebook
  • Online Love Magnet ebook


$29.95 monthly



  • Weekly Videos
  • Private Facebook group
  • Q&A
  • Magnetism Messaging ebook
  • Open Heart ebook
  • Online Love Magnet ebook


$49.95 monthly

$497 pay in full

(save $102)



  • Weekly Videos
  • Q&A
  • Private facebook group
  • Magnetism Messaging ebook
  • Open Heart ebook
  • Online Love Magnet ebook
  • Vedic astrology 1 on 1 coaching – [Accepting 10 people coaching for a full year]
  • 3 sessions for 1 hour (annually membership]


$295 monthly

$2,997 pay in full

(save $543)

Bonus 1 - Magnetism Messaging ebook

The secret to communicating with a man in ways he'll understand, so that you feel special, desired, and adored...and keep his respect.


Bonus 2 - Open Heart ebook

The ultimate guide to getting closer in your past relationship and be ready to be meeting your man.


Bonus 3 - Online Love Magnet ebook

The complete dating guide for Online Dating Profile Workbook - you will use this workbook to help craft your online profile. 1 hours Online Dating profile setup workshop.

SPECIAL BONUS - (VALUE $2,197.99!)

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“Sindy is truly an expert in helping strong, independent career women find love. She helps us understand why we keep repelling the men we’re attracted to and stops us from using the old “they’re just afraid of confident women” excuse. Through her teachings of the feminine vs masculine energies, I now understand why I had the difficulties I did and how to balance my alpha nature with my now alpha partner”.


I know that you will get so much value from the “Calling in Your King” monthly membership that if for some reason you decide that it’s no longer for you – you may cancel within 30 days of purchase by emailing

I’m here to be your support, inspiration & mentor to make lasting love a reality.


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