Without love our life is… a tree that has no fruit …
like a body without a soul.



You’re used to hearing people say that you’ve got it all.
A successful career, an incredible lifestyle, and a future
full of opportunities.

But the real story? You’re lonely.

Maybe you’re still looking for your soulmate (and starting to wonder if they’re even out there).

Maybe you’ve found an amazing man, but you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Maybe you feel distant from your husband, and you’re worried that you’ll never again experience the romantic connection you had at the beginning.

Here’s the reality. Sometimes, you’re too close to your own situation to see the truth, find the solution, and embrace the change that needs to happen in order to bring incredible intimacy into your life.

I’d love to help you open yourself up to new possibilities and take the next step towards true love.

Individual coaching for executives and high achievers.

Learn how to turn off work mode, embrace your unique feminine sexuality, and attract the perfect guy with intentional energy. Click below to instantly download the first chapter of Finding Love at the Top: For Executives and High Achievers.

Bring Back Passion in Your Marriage: Couples coaching

Rekindle your struggling marriage, rebuild broken trust, and discover a romantic connection you never could have imagined. Click below to instantly download the first chapter of Save My Marriage: How To Save Your Marriage Even If Your Spouse Has Checked Out.

Single women Group Program

Join a virtual tribe of high-powered women and take the next step in your transformational journey towards true love. This group is all about being comfortable in your own skin, attracting your ideal partner effortlessly, and staying in love forever.

About Me

I’m Sindy King, the go-to Dating and Relationship Coach for High-Achievers. For the past decade, I’ve helped successful, career-driven men and women manifest their ideal love lives and rekindle romance.

With a diverse background in neuroplasticity research, divorce mediation, and the ancient teachings of Vedic astrology, I bring a unique perspective to finding and staying in love. I’ve walked my own difficult journey of love lost and found, and it’s my greatest passion to help others find deep, lasting fulfillment.

Traditional dating coaches will rehash your past and then tell you to rewrite your online dating profile, but my coaching focuses on deep, authentic transformation. I’m all about helping my clients move forward, create authentic change, and embrace the possibilities in their future.

The press says that my “unique, transformational process of teaching men and women about masculine and feminine sexual essence is a breath of fresh air in North America’s current crisis of modern dating confusion and marriage breakdown.

My clients say that I deliver “no B.S.,” “non-P.C.,” “straight-up sexy love advice.”

I say: Are you ready to find true love?



If you’re ready to find your life partner (and get out of the endless cycle of heartbreak), schedule a confidential call where you’ll uncover your hidden mental blocks, attract your ideal partner effortlessly, and move towards consciously embracing a new relationship dynamic.


If you’re ready to recommit to a passionate relationship with your life partner (and bring back intimacy into your dying marriage), schedule a private call with me, where you’ll have a safe space to discuss the things even your partner may not know about.

You’re in the right place if…

You’re ready for a fulfilling, passionate, committed relationship that lasts a lifetime.
You’re tired of trying the same things over and over again…only to get the same results.
You want to invest in yourself and create a lasting change in your love life.
You’re ready to escape your negative patterns, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors.
You’re willing to make your love life a priority and commit to making the changes you need to succeed.
You’ve heard so much dating advice that you aren’t sure what to believe anymore.
You know you need an outside perspective and trusted guidance from an objective voice.

My services aren’t for everyone. This isn’t the right fit if…

  • Your career is your highest priority right now.
  • You aren’t willing to break negative patterns or try something outside of your comfort zone.
  • You don’t have the time to make your love life a priority.
  • You don’t believe that investing in yourself is worth it.
  • You don’t believe that you are worthy of deep, passionate love.
  • You aren’t ready to learn something new about love, dating, relationships, partners, and sexuality.
  • You aren’t willing to commit to finding the love you want.


My one-on-one coaching and group programs are based on a unique blend of brain science, sexual energy research, and ancient Vedic astrology.

This ancient astrological art is much more complex and accurate than simple Sun signs or the short horoscope your read every day in the paper. And, unfortunately, if you don’t understand the complexities of relational planets or the importance of planetary profiling, you might be making dating decisions that are completely uninformed.

Want to learn more about how planetary combinations and personal charts impact every aspect of romantic relationships?

If you’re successful and stuck in your love life, or you have this persistent knowing that even though you’re doing well with your romantic partner, you could do a lot better, request your free call with Sindy now.

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You’re in the right place.


Real Life People | Real Life Love Stories

“Through how I related to others, particularly romantic partners, Cindy catalyzed a new and profoundly transformative self-understanding within me that permeated all aspects of my life. This provided a sense of grounding within myself, which led to a deep opening that allowed in the love that my heart was desiring. Sindy’s empathetic yet direct approach, and wealth of wisdom provide the guideposts to empower my nextlevel self.”

Michelle Anita Martin
CEO & Cofounder

“Sindy’s knowledge of Vedic astrology combined with real scientific information about the male/female biology has helped me to better understand the masculine/feminine dynamic not only in love relationships but also business relationships as well. As I am an ambitious, driven and independent woman, I spend a lot of time in my masculine. Sindy was able to guide me in relaxing into my feminine in order have more fun and enjoy the dating process. I also learned how to communicate from a feminine approach which results in more authentic confidence while dating.”

Rosalyn C. RainDancer
Founder, CVO & CEO

“Sindy is truly an expert in helping strong, independent career women find love. She helps us understand why we keep repelling the men we’re attracted to and stops us from using the old “they’re just afraid of confident women” excuse. Through her teachings of the feminine vs masculine energies, I now understand why I had the the difficulties I did and how to balance my alpha nature with my now alpha partner.”

Carmen Dunn
Vancouver, Canada

“Sindy King is a masterful relationship coach in every sense. I’ve experienced her expertise areas in my own life & felt she has an extraordinary and uncanny response or perfect answer to just about any relationship issue. If you have tried everything and given up, you will not be disappointed working her.”

Kassa Kaan
Author, Counsellor, Educator

Rewrite YOUR Love Stories

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Most high-achievers spend their life chasing success, yet they don’t realize success without love is ultimate failures.


Healing married couples on the brink of divorce, saving their marriage and rekindle their love.